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We're determined to discover the value in the lost, last and least, striving to build cities and communities that cherish the earth and embrace inclusivity.



We are a one-stop solution for all things clay. We do not practice oven-firing and rely on other technologies to cure and treat our clays, customising our alternative clay to your needs.
We offer ferticlay 3D additive printing services for client-specific projects as well, taking in requests from small to large scale.
Let us help you to help the environment, one food scrap at a time. Sound good?



At Ferticlay, we are concerned about unavoidables. In the Asia Pacific region alone, unavoidables account for 40% of food waste generated each year. These scraps are things that we just chuck into the dustbin after getting what we need to put together our meals. Eggshells, coffee grounds, avocado skins and so on still possess nutritional value after being spent.



We strive to rescue these materials and through combining them with binders like clay and discarded paper, we've created a proprietary mix of alternative clay to be used for various purposes, namely agriculture and construction. Ferticlay is not only stronger than regular air-dried clay, but it also contains fertilising abilities and zero toxic chemicals, allowing it to safely return back to the earth.

The process of Ferticlay

We employ persons with disabilities and specials needs in our operations.
Get in touch for eomployment opporuntities.

Food waste & clay collection

We work with hotels and F&B outlets to rescue and valorise their food waste such as eggshells, coffee grounds and seafood shells. We collect excavated clay from construction sites.


Food waste is brought to our studios to be dried and processed down into fine powders, ready for mixing into clay. The construction clay is filtered to remove sand,rocks and debris.


According to orders, the ratio of food waste to clay is adjusted to suit each client's project brief. We work closely with clients to fine-tune the recipe, a crucial step in ensuring effective and sustainable solutions.

Rehydrating /recycling

Our products can be endlessly recycled! We collect back our used products and rehydrate and re-mix them to create new products, so the cycle never stops! Ferticlay is 100% organic and can also be safely discarded.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping

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