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Currently accepting bookings for private, schools and corporate. 
Submit your own workshop booking request here to book us as a workshop vendor.

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Make a pot, pot a plant


Participants are taught traditional hand-building pottery techniques to make their personal Fertipots that will
slowly release nutrients over time. 
 Class size: 10-15 people

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DIY handbuilding


Explore a hands-on approach to recycling waste materials and create your very own ferticlay-based figurine/item to be given as a gift or simply used as a decorative piece in your home.
Class size: 10 people


Sustainable materials design hackathon
(for schools/communities)


How can we maximise the properties of "waste" to solve real-world problems? Come prepared to get your hands dirty and minds challenged to design solutions for existing industry issues.
Basic understanding of 3D software and personal laptops are required for this program.
Group size: 25-100 people

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Much like Ferticlay, we are versatile and love trying new things!

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