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A quick pitch.

Ferticlay is a new alternative clay product that is made out of 100% waste materials, combining waste clay and unavoidable food waste. Ferticlay has bio-controlled abilities, meaning we can alter its properties to suit different use cases ranging from agriculture to construction.

We aim to pioneer the next generation of recycled materials through innovating new methods of clay curing in the region of Southeast Asia, in a cloud factory format to first produce clay for the green infrastructure market at the price that is 40% below market price, expanding further into construction green building materials.

Ferticlay started from my uncle's backyard, where I started experimenting with different mixes and concoctions to create my own recycled clay. The COVID isolation period enabled me to get back to my creative passions, and I started off by creating sculptures to decorate the plants around my house.To date, my team and I have actively carrying out our research and development to create an even more viable and attractive product that will be ready for the markets we wish to enter, at the same time exploring how we can create meaningful jobs for persons from margin communities like Persons with disabilities. We hope you can join us in fercilitating the future of sustainable farming and building with ferticlay.

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